One is the leader of a vast empire, considered by many, as an inspiration with an incredible success story – a true revolutionary who was determined to follow his dream. The other is Barack Obama, President of the United States.  Businessman Sean Quinn, famed for his rags-to-riches tale, met Barack Obama, American’s first black President.

The multi-millionaire businessman and hotelier welcomed the US President and First Lady Michelle Obama to the family owned Hilton Hotel in Prague last weekend, when the couple vistied the Czech capital.  Since the Quinn Group purchased the Prague Hilton in 2004 the hotel has hosted a number of high-profile World Heads of State but a visit by the World’s most powerful man is quite an endorsement for any company, especially during the current economic climate.  But  despite the obvious hype, media-shy Sean is staying tight-lipped about the privilege of having Barack Obama staying under his roof. I hope he has invited them to visit Cavan, we could do with the business here to boost our tourism at the present time.  Congratulations Sean you are once again ahead of them all.

America’s first couple hosted by hotelier Sean Quinn